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These images are for representation purposes; the actual product may vary depending on your requirements.

Special Occasion Bundle, tailored to add an extra touch of warmth and appreciation to employee birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrate special moments, reflecting the importance of acknowledging personal milestones alongside professional achievements.

Employee Birthday/Anniversary Gift Pack

  • Personalized Bobblehead Toy

  • Customizable Coasters

  • Assorted Cookie Box

  • Custom Cut Stickers (2x2)

  • Small Custom Mailer Box (11.5" x 9.25" x 5")

The Special Occasion Hamper Includes:

Price based on 1 number units and 5 number of colour options.
*All the mentioned items are customizable based on your needs.

The Special Occasion Bundle

Minimum order quantity: 25

Back to school

Minimum order quantity: 25

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